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Jr. Livestock Show and Auction
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The 2018 Norco Jr. Livestsock Auction is held in the Livestock Barn at Ingall’s Park in Norco, located at the east end of 6th Street, at 1:30pm on Sunday, September 2nd. Members of the Future Farmers of America and Norco/Corona 4H Clubs spent the last year in preparation for this auction. If you are interested in bidding on an animal you need to register which will give you a Buyers Number and Auction Book. The Auction Book lists the animals according to grade and placing. The information includes the member’s name, animal species and official weight.

Bids for large livestock are made in dollars/cents per pound. Large livestock include: Beef, Veal and Swine. Although Chevon and Lamb are considered large animal, they are bid on in dollar amount per lot.

Bids for small livestock are made in dollar amount per lot. Small livestock include: Poultry, Turkey & Rabbit.

If you need help bidding, please ask the auction staff. Purchases are paid for at the end of the auction, unless prior arrangements have been made with an Auction Committee Member. Payments for you purchases may be paid with cash, credit card, personal or business check. When you purchase an animal, a runner brings you a sales slip for your signature. You then select your choice for the disposition of the animal.

Disposition choices are:

1.  Live animal pick-up: animals may be picked up  Monday, September 6th starting at 10:30pm. All live pick up must be done no later than 11:50pm on the 6th. All poultry is live pick up only.


2.  Keep the animal for processing: select your choice of  butcher and custom processor for cut and wrap.

3.  Scholarship donation: the animal you purchased may be donated to the Norco Fair Jr. Livestock Scholarship  in which the animal will then be re-sold at the end of  the auction. Local FFA and 4-H members are eligible to  apply for the scholarship.

4.  Resale/Buyback: the animal may be sold back to the  designated packer if you choose not to keep the  animal. The amount you pay for the animal is the  difference between the amount you bid and the  posted buy back price.


Entry Deadline is Friday, August 10th.

No Late Entries Accepted.


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